• Street view: Victor Hugo Was Here
  • Jean-Baptiste Maitre, Dina Danish
    12 – 20 June 2020
  • Press release

    We are delighted to present the last of our Street View series: Victor Hugo Was Here by Dina Danish and Jean-Baptiste Maitre, in co-production with Stigter van Doesburg.

    Victor Hugo Was Here is a series of 8 embroideries on tulle of about 50 x 85 cm each. The title of the series is inspired by an original graffiti found in an ancient Egyptian site.

    Dina Danish and Jean‐Baptiste Maitre have reproduced images drawn from ancient carved graffiti with embroideries of mixed colored threads, along with doodles made on writing pads to try out new pens.

    Dina Danish & Jean-Baptiste Maitre in an interview with Giulia Pezzoli, curator at MAMbo ‐ Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna:
    “It is probably not our fascination with the aesthetic of graffiti, but the act of vandalism and the human need to inscribe something on walls since ancient times that fascinated us. We even looked at children’s wall drawings from the Roman period and not much has changed since then. The need to also inscribe your name on the wall, to not be forgotten; that is what we found fascinating. I once read in the introduction to the ancient Egyptian “Book of The Dead” that ancient Egyptians considered the inscription of their name as a form of existence, and that was not meant in a metaphorical sense.”

    Victor Hugo Was Here, 2020
    series of 8 unique works
    silk thread on tulle
    50 x 85 cm
    € 480,00 (including 9% VAT)
    order via contact@gmvz.com

    Victor Hugo Was Here is the last of our series of street-view exhibitions, visible through the windows of the frontspace of our gallery. Victor Hugo Was Here is on view from 12 June until 20 June, at the front space of our gallery and at Stigter van Doesburg.

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