• Street view: Rational Geography
  • Oscar Abraham Pabón
    22 May – 9 June 2020
  • Press release

    By observing the maps we can only appreciate a form of representation of the territory, and many times it differs from reality. The territory constantly changes, while the map is a testimony of a certain moment. To paraphrase Jorge Luis Borges, a true map would be one that had the same size on a 1:1 scale with the territory and yet would continue to be an abstraction.

    In his Rational Geography collages, Pabón seeks a precise intention, to create geometric compositions in the territory using its coordinates – a mere formality on the map – making abstraction on another abstraction. Subtracting parts of the map to show new color fields that overlap, a very similar process when developing urban and territorial planning, where the shapes and colors distributed by layers in the area to be planned only represent certain information and contents that are overlapping.

    Rational Geography, 2020
    series of 10 unique works work on paper
    white coated aluminium frame
    29 x 21 cm

    The collages from the series Modern Crafts are created in a similar way, which came from his interest to form abstract geometric structures by subtracting or cutting to find new layers. Pabón is interested in the material of diploma paper that he describes as a ‘small carpet, a decoration, something that is handmade’. The work makes you look at the center to see the abstract geometry, which is framed with decorative elements.

    Modern Crafts, 2019
    series of 4 unique works
    diploma paper on colour cardboard white coated aluminium frame
    29 x 21 cm