• Navid Nuur
    13 April – 9 June 2024
  • Press release

    Dear Martin,

    We've been working together for fifteen years, advancing my diverse profession while ensuring its internal consistency.

    Time flies, so instead let us go back in time for this joyful show.

    I propose an exhibition that recognizes works and concepts that were not intended to be presented alone but were required for the development of other works. I always felt they worked like batons, carrying ideas and energy from one piece to another.

    Lets do two openings;
    The first one: April 13
    We will show a selection of the ‘batons’ which I kept around over the past years.

    The second one: May 11
    We pair them with works that got charged by them, and made it out of my studio.

    To create a POST-PARALLELLISM perspective.


    Extract from an email sent by the artist.