• Navid Nuur
  • 1976, Tehran, Iran
  • Education
    2002 – 2004, MA, Plymouth University England
    2002 – 2003, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam
    1999 – 2001, HKU, Utrecht
    Selected Solo Exhibitions
    2018, THE AFTER GLOW III, NDSM-Werf, Amsterdam
    2017, A&N&D, galerie Max Hetzler, Berlijn
    2016, 'THE GIFT' (permanent installation), International Criminal Court premises, The Hague
    2015, CONTEXT IS THE NEW CONTENT, Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam
    2015, MINING MEMORY, Max Hetzler and Plan B, Berlin
    2015, About a Work #3, Galleria Zero, Milano
    2014, The Main Remain, Galerie Max Hetzler, Paris
    2014, 'RENDERENDER', Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee
    2014, 'COLOR ME CLOSELY', Trafó - House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest
    2013 – 2014, Lube Love, Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht
    2013, 'UNIFIED NOT UNIFORMED', Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam
    2013, TA-DA !, Galerie des Enfants, Centre Pompidou, Paris
    2013, Phantom Fuel, Parasol Unit, London
    2013, 'Track&Trace’, Watersnoodmuseum, Ouwerkerk
    2012, SMOKEBOMBSMOKE, OUI Center of Contemporary Art, Grenoble
    2012, GAMeC, Bergamo
    2012, Hocus Focus, Matadero, Madrid
    2011, CONDUCTORCONDUCTOR, Plan-B, Berlin
    2011, ‘IT’S NO CRIME TO TICKLE TIME’, Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam
    2011, ‘POST PARALLELISM’, Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, st. Gallen (cat.)
    2010, Phantom Fuel, Plan B, Cluj
    2010, THE VALUE OF VOID, De Hallen Museum, Haarlem (cat.)
    2009, THE VALUE OF VOID, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel (cat.)
    2009, THE VALUE OF VOID, S.M.A.K (Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst), Gent (cat.)
    2009, (No) Norms Forgotten, 10m2 project space, Sarajevo
    2009, AASS WWEE BBCCOOMMEE OONNEE, Klerkx, Milan
    2009, Within Your Worlds, Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam (January)
    2009, In Our World, Plan B, Berlin (January)
    2008, Where It’s At, Fries Museum/ Bureau Leeuwarden
    2008, Lost Licks, 1646, The Hague (cat.)
    2008, Solo booth, Art Amsterdam, Martin van Zomeren
    2007, INSIDEOUT, Moira Gallery, Utrecht
    2007, THE RISE OF ’RE’ , solo project space Stroom , The Hague
    2007, Drawing the Line Somewhere, duo, Ned. cacaofabriek, Helmond
    2004, Galerie de5er, Rotterdam
    Selected Group Exhibitions
    2019, ₡ U R R € ₦ ₡ ¥, Nome Gallery, Berlin
    2019, Freedom - The Fifty Key Dutch Artworks Since 1968, Museum de Fundatie, NL
    2018, RESISTANCE, Centrale for Contemporary Art, Brussels
    2018, Uns gehört die Stadt! Kids, Kunst und Krawall in Aachen, Centre Charlemange Neues Stadtmuseum, Aachen
    2018, PLAY, Kortwijk
    2018, Møenligt Sonata, 44Møen, Askeby
    2018, Beating About the Bush, Bonnefanten museum, Maastricht
    2017, All Paintings Are Uneven, ABN AMRO Art Collection, Amsterdam
    2016, Lube Love, Bonnefantenmuseum @pinkpop-up, Landgraaf
    2016, Analog Borders, Grafische Werkplaats, The Hague
    2016, La mia ceramica, Galerie Max Hetzler, Paris
    2016, Back in 5 Minutes, Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam
    2016, Illigibility: The Contexts of Script, Kulczyk Foundation, Poznań (curated by Marta Smolińska)
    2015 – 2016, Addition: Schenking Pieter and Marieke Sanders, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
    2015 – 2016, Lekker Licht, Centraal Museum, Utrecht
    2015, Let Us Meet Inside You, Trendbeheer, De Garage, Rotterdam
    2015, Mountains With a Broken Corner, 12th Havana Biennial
    2015, When I Give, I Give Myself, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
    2015, Too Early, Too Late. Middle East And Modernity, Pinacoteca Nazionale, Bologna (curated by Marco Scotini)
    2014, Allegory of the Cave Painting, Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp
    2014, Alchemy, Nest, Den Haag (curated by Will Lunn and David Rickard)
    2014, Geografiek / Géographique, Slotstraat 17, Brussels
    2014, ‘It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it', International Foundation Manifesta, Amsterdam
    2014, Beating around the bush Episode #1, Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht
    2014, Halftone: Through the Grid, Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin
    2014, RE:Painted - ‘Painting' from the collection, S.M.A.K., Gent
    2014, Amnesia, Open Gallery, Bratislava (curated by Lýdia Pribišová and Monika Pavlechová)
    2013, AGORA, 4th Athens Biennale
    2013, Traces, Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch
    2013, (T)HERE, Bonnefanten Hedge House, Wijlre
    2013, Flex-Sil Reloaded, Kunst Halle, St. Gallen
    2013, Casey Kaplan, New York
    2013, The Image in the Sculpture, Centre Pompidou, Paris (curated by Christine Macel and Navid Nuur)
    2013, Mesures et disparition / Over maat en verdwijning, Institut Néerlandais, Paris
    2013, It wasn't there yesterday, Raster Gallery, Warsaw
    2012, This Title is an Artwork of Mine, Motto Charlottenborg, Copenhagen (curated by Mikkel Carl)
    2012, The Castle in the Air. Séance of Imagination, Centre of Culture ZAMEK, Poznan (curated by Adam Budak)
    2012, Through an open window, Institut Néerlandais, Paris
    2017, All Paintings Are Uneven, ABN AMRO Art Collection, Amsterdam
    2012, A Battle for Narrative, Bonnefanten Hedge House, Wijlre
    2012, Galerie Nächst St. Stephan Rosemerie Schwarzwälder, Wien
    2012, TAF / the Art Foundation, Athens
    2012, Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear, Asnova Architects, Utrecht (curated by Daniel Silvo)
    2012, SummerNest, Nest, Den Haag
    2012, Sint-Jan, Sint-Baafskathedraal, Gent (curated by Jan Hoet and Hans Marten)
    2012, On Geometry and Speculation, official parallel project Marrakech Biennale, ESAV, Marrakech (curated by Hicham Khalidi)
    2012, Un paisaje holandés / A Dutch Landscape, La Casa Encendida, Madrid
    2012, Ashes and gold. A World’s Journey, Marta Herford Museum, Herford
    2012, People have the power, Zero, Milano
    2011 – 2012, Recently unpacked. How art ages, Marta Herford Museum, Herford
    2011, Villa Tokyo, Tokyo
    2011, SLAA, curated by Bianca Stiger, Performance, De Balie, Amsterdam
    2011, De Nederlandse identiteit? De Kracht van Heden, Museum De Paviljoens, Almere
    2011, Recently unpacked. How art ages, MARTa Herford Museum, Herford
    2011, Royal Awards for Painting 2011, Royal Palace, Amsterdam
    2011, Too late, too little, (and how) to fail gracefully, Kunstfort Asperen, Langedijk
    2011, IMAGE TO BE PROJECTED UNTIL IT VANISHES Museion - Museum of modern and contemporary art, Bolzano (curated by Mihnea Mircan)
    2011, Radical Autonomy, Netwerk / centrum voor hedendaagse kunst, Aalst, België (curated by Arno van Roosmalen)
    2011, Inside Installations | Collectietentoonstelling, S.M.A.K (Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst), Gent
    2011, Falten, Searching for White, Rise above Reason, Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam
    2010, Taking Place, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (curated by Ann Goldstein)
    2010, Benefit Exhibition, Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, st. Gallen
    2010, ‘Starter’, Arter, istanbul (curated by Rene Block)
    2010, History of Art, David Roberts Art Foundation (upcoming, May)
    2010, Performative Attitudes, Kunsthaus Glarus, Switzerland (upcoming, February)
    2010, Up to You, Stroom, The Hague
    2009, Radical Autonomy, Centre D’art Contemporain · St. nazaire
    2009, The Knight’s Tour, De Hallen Museum, Haarlem (cat.)
    2009, Sculptural - Collection, S.M.A.K (Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst), Gent
    2009, Broken English, Selier + Mosseri-Marlio Galerie, Zurich
    2008, Modern Museum of Arnhem
    2008, Plan B, Berlin
    2008, schil/ders, DCR, The Hague
    2008, Geoair, residency in Georgia, Tbilisi
    2008, Maria Kappel, Hoorn
    2007, Billy town, Rijswijk
    2007, Voorstel voor, DCR project space, The Hague
    2007, Lumiere, Gallery Blaak 10, Rotterdam
    2006, For a(n) relation(s), ADA Gallery, Virginia
    2006, 2006 Countersale, Utrecht
    2005, Rebound, HKU gallery Utrecht
    2005, Jack of Hearts, Stroom, The Hague
    2004, The Art of Management, école supérieure de Commerce, Paris
    2004, 2004 Billboart, European Billboard exposition, Bratislava, Warsaw
    2018, Aix Vandals, Graffiti und Writing in Aachen 1988-2018, publisher Centre Charlemagne, Aachen
    2015, MINING MEMORY, with text by Navid Nuur, Galerie Max Hetzler (Berlin/Paris) and Galeria Plan B (Berlin/Cluj)
    2013, NN, publisher Parasol Unit, London
    2013, 2013 SMACKED & SMOKED, publisher UOI projectspace, Grenoble
    2012, ‘The Afterglow / El rastro de la luz’, publisher Matadero, Madrid
    2011, ‘The Afterglow’, publisher Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven
    2011, 2011 ‘Bored at the museum / Bored at the studio’, publisher Mousse, Italy
    2010, ‘THE VALUE OF VOID’, publisher Onomatopee
    2009, Younger than Jesus/ Artist Directory, pg. 367
    2009, ‘EXTEXTS’, VOL. 1
    2007, ‘Where I end and you begin’ ISBN: 978-90-78454-12-0, Publisher Onomatopee
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    2007, ‘Sliding The Slow Split’ ISBN 978-90-78454-06-9, publisher Onomatopee
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    2008, Neal, Jane, OUVO magazine, interview, September Issue
    2007, Startstipendium fonds BKVB
    2006, Starstipendium fonds BKVB
    2005, Presentation Grant, Stroom
    2005, 2005 Individual Grant, Stroom
    2004, Travel Grant from Prince Bernhard Culture Fund
    2004, 2004 Grant from MA Plymouth University
    Public Collections
    Centre Pompidou, Paris
    Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
    Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht
    Centre Pompidou, Paris
    Koç, Istanbul
    Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin
    Kunsthalle, Zurich
    De Hallen Museum, Haarlem
    S.M.A.K (Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst), Gent