• Martijn Hendriks
  • 1973, Eindhoven, The Netherlandsmartijnhendriks.com
  • Selected Solo and duo exhibitions
    2016, Sculpture Falls in a Forest, Do it With Others, Tilburg (solo)
    2015, Art Cologne 2015 NADA Collaborations (duo with Fiona Mackay)
    2014, Credit Like Drain Follow, Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam (solo)
    2013, Initial Public Offering, WCW Gallery, Hamburg (solo)
    2012, Martijn Hendriks, Navid Nuur, Liste 17, Basel (duo)
    2012, Every Reform Movement Has a Lunatic Fringe: Martijn Hendriks & Matthew Lutz-Kinoy. W139, Amsterdam (duo)
    2011, Almost Nothing and Almost Everything, Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam (solo)