• Anne de Vries
  • Education
    2016 – 2017, Proffesor at ECAL University of Art and Design in Lausanne, Swiss
    2011 – 2012, Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten Amsterdam, NL
    2000 – 2002, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, NL
    1999 – 2000, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York, US
    1997 – 1999, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL
    Solo and Group Exhibitions
    2019, 'Ruis', Frans Hals Museum De Hallen, Haarlem, The Netherlands
    2019, 'MOMENTUM 10: the emotional exhibition', curated by Marti Manen, MOMENTUM, Moss, Norway
    2019, 'In a World Where Immortality is the norm, the Future Is My Future' Galeria Duarte Sequeira, Braga, Portugal
    2019, 'Same time, same place', Twenty Years, Berlin, Germany
    2018, solo 'Qrowd Qontrol', Fries Museum, Leeuwarde, the Netherlands
    2018, 'Hybrids', Lustarande, curated by Clemens Driessen and David Jablonowski, Tilburg, the Netherlands
    2018, Public Sculpture at Facade Middelburg, the Netherlands
    2017, Home Economics, Bellevue hill, Sydney, Australia
    2017, WE ARE THE REMIX, Röda Sten Konsthall, Göteborg, Sweden
    2017, HYBRID LAYERS, ZKM Museum | for Art and Media Karlsruhe
    2017, Wonderlijk Weefsel ,curated by Ward Janssen, Stedelijk Museum Breda
    2017, ‚Next Pictures Tomorrow‘, 38cc, Delft
    2017, ‚Situations‘, Winterthur Museum, Swiss
    2016, For Your Everyday Use, Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam
    2016, 'Public Cortex' (solo), Onomatopee, Eindhoven
    2016, 'Grand New', Future Gallery, Berlin
    2015 – 2016, 'Asdzą́ą́ Nádleehé', Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York (curated by Timur Si-Qin)
    2015, 'SUBMISSION', Cell Projects, London
    2015, 'E_MERGE' (solo), Foam, Amsterdam
    2015, 'The Human Society', The Loon, Toronto (curated by Aleksander Hardashnakov)
    2015, FOCUS Résonance collection nr 4, La Biennale de Lyon
    2015, 'Silence out loud', Museum Kreanenburg, Bergen (curated by Joost Zwagerman)
    2015, 'Photographicness', Museum Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis (curated by Charlotte Cotton)
    2015, Hamster Handy, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main
    2014, The Moving Museum, Istanbul
    2014, 'METARAVE I – «it’s only a fantasy»', WallRiss, Fribourg
    2014, Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam
    2014, Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam
    2014, 'Human/Evolution/Machine', Hussenot Gallery, Paris
    2014, 'SKY! - in Dutch Art since 1850', De Hallen, Haarlem
    2014, 'Iconoclastia', Upstate New York (curated by Lorenzo Durantini)
    2014, 'Folklore Contemporain', SWG3 Gallery, Glasgow (curated by Camille Le Houezec & Joey Villemont)
    2014, 'Superficial Hygiene', De Hallen Haarlem (curated by Xander Karskens)
    2014, 'Reflected', Foam, Amsterdam
    2014, 'Material Memory', Fluxia, Milan
    2014, 'It ain't whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it', Manifesta Foundation, Amsterdam
    2014, 'There is a Motor in Every Paddle', Ginevra Gambino, Cologne (curated by Mark Soo)
    2014, 'Zamboni for the Moose', Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam
    2014, 'HD', LiveIn YourHead, Geneva (curated by Vianney Fivel & Ceel Mogami de Haas)
    2014, 'Brands - Concept / Affect / Modularity, SALTS, Basel (curated by Melanie Buehler)
    2014, 'Disown', 220 w 18th Street 10011 New York (curated by DIS and Agatha Wara)
    2014, 'Acid Rain', Island, Brussels
    2014, 'Synchronise. Accelerate. Disperse. II', MJ Geneva (curated by Christopher Kulendran Thomas)
    2013, 'Goods', MoBY Museum (curated by Joshua Simon)
    2013, 'Breathing Kevlar, Perforated Skin', V4ULT, Berlin
    2013, 'O Chair / O Flesh', Treignac Projet, Treignac, France
    2013, 'Still/Life', Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow
    2013, 'Material World', Nest, Den Haag (curated by Nanda Janssen icw David Jablonowski)
    2013, 'Notes On A New Nature', Place, Myth and Memory, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
    2013, 'Structuring Strategies & Otras Obras', California Institute of the Arts
    2013, 'New Atlantis', KM Temporaer, Berlin
    2013, 'Rematerialized', New Galerie, Paris
    2013, 'Involucion', Otra Obras, Tijuana, Mexico
    2012, 'Mysafe reduction to form', Exile Gallery, Berlin, DE
    2012, 'Brush it in', 82 Kingsland Road, London, UK
    2012, 'Shell-Reflexive', Bas Fisher Invitational Miami Beach (curated by Agatha Wara), US
    2012, 'The Dark Cube', Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR
    2012, 'Calibration Shift', Third Party Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, US
    2012, 'The New Prophets', Vecteur Interface, Nantes, FR
    2012, New Wight Biennial, Los Angeles, US
    2012, 'Body language', Centre culturel Suisse, Paris, FR
    2012, 'Trails Rising‘ (solo) at The Green Room in the Composing rooms, London, UK
    2012, 'Trails of the Hive Mind‘ solo at Sandy Brown Gallery, Berlin, DE
    2012, 'Geneva art fair‘ trio with Jon Rafman and Spiros Hadjidjanos, Future Gallery booth, CH
    2012, '002 Eye Rubs' at Elaine's in Basel, CH
    2012, 'Becoming Emmersed‘ Ghoete Institute Rotterdam, NL
    2012, 'Forecast the days of aquarius lake placid blue like oceanbursts stage‘ at Max Mayer Dusseldorf, DE
    2011, 'RijksOPEN, Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam, NL
    2011, 'Lucky pdf at FRIEZE art fair byob set up at 2k11, FRIEZE London, UK
    2011, 'Target Language‘ at Apendix Space in Portland, US
    2011, 'Stil/life', FOAM Museum Amsterdam, NL
    2011, 'Public Abstraction Private Construction-II', Kunstverein Arnsberg, DE
    2011, 'DDA award' (Dutch design award), Old Galata Bridge, Istanbul, TR
    2011, 'Whats Next' Arles Photography Festival 2011, FR
    2011, 'Amerika, AmÃrica, Amerique!', Cleopatra‘s, Berlin, DE
    2011, 'Not to be confused with..', Von Cirne Gallery, Köln, DE
    2011, 'TruEYE SurView', W139, Amsterdam, NL
    2011, 'BASED IN BERLIN', Monbijoupark, Berlin, DE
    2011, 'Travelin’ Light', Grimm Museum, Berlin, DE
    2011, 'The Digital Age', Q-Contemorary, Lebanon, LB
    2011, 'READ/WRITE', JSTCHILLIN Offline show, 319 Schole, Brooklyn, (NY), US
    2011, 'The Armory Show, Rhizome Booth (affiliation of The New Museum), New York, US
    2010, 'L'etat des choses', DarsaComfort, CH
    2010, 'Anne de Vries v.s. Billy Rennekamp’, The Future Gallery, Berlin, DE
    2010, 'DDA award', Eindhoven, NL
    2010, 'Sister Sister City', video screening Thomas Solomon Gallery, Los Angeles (CA), US
    2010, 'If A then B', Gentili Apri Gallery, Berlin, DE
    2010, first ever 'BYOB' at Bureau Friedrich, Project Studio Berlin, DE
    2010, 'Exhibition IV‘, Appartment, Berlin, DE
    2010, 'Party Animal', Sugar gallery, Buswick Brooklyn, (NY), US
    2010, KERNEL, 'Index of Potential', Athens, GR
    2010, 'Rivage d’ Ectoplasmes', Tour des Templiers, Hyeres, FR
    2010, 'Spring Rape', Preteen Gallery, Mexico City, MX
    2010, Preteen Gallery, CIRCA art event, Convention Center in San Juan, PR
    2009, 'Photography In Reverse', FOAM, Amsterdam, NL
    2009, 'Ada Bojana FKK art symposium, Montenegro, ME
    2009, 'Monumental - Ornament Enter', (performance) at Basso Berlin, DE
    2009, 'The New Easy Show', ArtNews Project Gallery, Berlin, DE
    2009, 'The Painting Show', Gallery Art Since the Summer of ‘69 gallery and Private Circulation, NY, US
    2009, 'The New Easy', Agentur, Amsterdam, NL
    2009, 'Disco Resurrection, performance with Voin de Voin 'if i can't dance' Frascati, Amsterdam, NL
    2008, 'Graphics Interchange Format', Bond Street Gallery, Brooklyn (NY), US
    2008, 'All Hallow's' Even', The Gowanus Studio Space, Brooklyn (NY), US
    2008, 'Estafette', FOAM, Amsterdam, NL
    2008, ‘Bring your own Camera, (BYOC) FOAM, Amsterdam, NL
    2008, 'Dysfashional', MUDAK, Lausanne, CH
    2008, 'Plat(t)form', Winterthur Fotomuseum, Winterthur, CH
    2008, 'Club Internet’ curated by Harm van den Dorpel, WWW
    2007, 'Voorstel tot aankopen’, CBK Dordrecht, NL
    2007, Fette gallery, Los Angeles (CA), US
    2007, 'Rendez-Vous', exhibition pictures in collaboration with KIND, Paris, FR
    2007, Metafiction, solo at FOAM Museum, Amsterdam, NL
    2007, Arnhem Fashion Biennial, photo route true the center of Arnhem, NL
    2007, 10.000,- euro show, curated by Constant Dullaart, W139, Amsterdam, NL
    2005, 'Around Vondel lake (30 min)', PSWAR, Amsterdam, NL
    2004, 'Traveling without moving', studio galleria, Budapest, HU
    2004, 'Landing in Amsterdam', W139, Amsterdam, NL
    2004, Happy Chaos: “State of the Arts”, Felix Meritis, Amsterdam, NL
    2004, A4 show, PSWAR, Amsterdam, NL
    2004, 'Nothing in particular', incolab with Alexandra Bachzetsis at PSWAR, Amsterdam, NL
    2004, AFK price exhibition for W139, Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam, NL
    2003, Watou 2003, 'Opzij van het kijken' curated by Jan Hoet, Watou, BE
    2003, 'At least begin to make an end', curated by Ann Demeester, W139, Amsterdam, NL
    2002, W139, Ann Demeester's opening event, Amsterdam, NL
    2002, 'Vice Versa' 'Under the fabric' Artotheek-oost (cbk), Amsterdam, NL
    2002, Exam Show, VAV Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL
    2000, 'One week in the dark room' aka 'Opening', with Alberto de Michele at Gerrit Rietveld Pavilion, Amsterdam, NL
    1999, 'Soulsa' Cooper Union Gallery, New York (NY), US, installation with Alberto de Michele 1999 Park of the future, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, NL
    Lectures and Workshops
    2014, 'Medium: Photography', panel mediated by Melanie Buehler, Lunch Bytes, FOAM, Amsterdam
    2014, 2014 Accelerationism Panel, Transmediale, Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Berlin
    2013, Rijksmuseum Preview, Omni Sphere Lecture by Anne de Vries, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
    2013, Material World Conversation, Nest, Den Haag
    2012, Rearview Mirror - Age-ism: Lecture/Presentation at Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, NL
    2008, Parsons School of visual arts, Lecture/Presentation New York, US
    2007, Guest teacher, MAHKU, Utrecht, NL
    2007, Guest teacher, VAV Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL
    2005, VHDG, Lecture/Presentation at VHDG, Groningen, NL
    2004, Guest teacher at VAV Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL
    2013, Artist Pension Trust (APT)
    2012, Mondriaan Fonds
    2011, Straver Fonds, NL
    2011, De By van der Heyden Fonds NL
    2011, Stichting Elise Mathilde Fonds, NL
    2010, Berlin Project Studio, Fonds BKVB at Bureau Friedrich, Berlin, DE
    2006, Fonds BKVB, starter stipendium, Amsterdam, NL
    Winterthur Museum
    CBK Dordrecht
    – q, Foam Museum, Amsterdam
    ArtBase digital and internet based artowork collection from Rhizome, New Museum New York
    Sammlung Haupt, Berlin
    Recent Publications
    2013, The Photograph as Contemporary Art - Part 3 writing by Charlotte Cotton, published by Thames & Hudson
    2013, C-Photo with artist contribution by Anne de Vries, curated by Charlotte Cotton, US
    2013, Mention in Beginnings + Ends by Katja Novitskova in Frieze Magazine Issue159, UK
    2013, Mention in O Chair O Flesh by Chris Fite-Wassilak in Frieze Magazine Issue 158, UK
    2013, Mention in O Chair O Flesh by Chris Fite-Wassilak in Frieze Magazine Issue 158, UK
    2013, Mention in Article about Neomaterialism in Metropolis M no4. by Domeniek Ruyters
    2013, Capricious Magazine „Water“ with contribution by Anne de Vries, New York, US
    2013, Brush it In, exhibition catalogue by Lorenzo Durantini, London, UK
    2013, Unique, Unique-er, Unique-est“ about the work Trails Rising by Agatha Wara in Miami Rail, US
    2013, Dazed and Confused, about artist Anne de Vries by S. Davies-Crook, Sep Issue UK
    2013, New Wight Biennale Exhibition Catalogue, Los Angeles, US
    2013, FRIEZE d/e Magazine essay „Pure Products Go Crazy“ DE
    2013, Art Licks - one question review, UK
    2011, Metropolis M on Post Internet Art, NL
    2011, Rijksakademie OPEN catalogue NL
    2011, Re-Re-Remediating the Ex-Ex-Extended a contribution within the curating the future‘ issue of FOAM magazine, NL
    2011, Book Launch - TruEYE SurView Catalogues published by W139 – Aug 2011 Post Internet Survival Guide
    2011, MOON Vogue publication by Alicia Frames NL
    2011, Larry’s by Maxwell Simmer and Martin Thacker DE
    2010, FRIEZE Magazine March, UK
    2010, GLU Magazine (NL) - Jan
    2010, Hyeres 2010, catalogue (Fr) Apr
    2009 – 2010, Foam Magazine (NL) - winter issue
    2009, Famous Magazine (US) - #11
    2009, Aperture Magazine (US)
    2009, The “Younger then Jesus” book published by the New Museum, New York, US
    2008, FOAM Album 09 and FOAM Album 08
    2004, W139 book 2004, reviewing the exhibitions made by Ann Demeester
    2003, Catalogue: “Opzij van het kijken” by Jan Hoet, poezie zomer, Watou